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Company profile

Skantek was set up in 1989 by a team experienced in both farm management and engineering, and with extensive training and considerable experience in the grain handling industry. Their sense of vision and creativity resulted in the first Danish-produced mobile grain dryer.

The unique modular design makes it easy to adapt the equipment to specific customer requirementsinvolving both fixed and mobile units.

The special design of the drying column ensures consistently even drying during the continuous flow of the grain through the dryer – under all circumstances and at all times.

christian.jpg (12772 bytes) Only the most up-to-date equipment is used in both the design and manufacturing processes. cad.jpg (14293 bytes)

Many companies can come up with a good idea. The challenge, however, is to carry that idea through to completion, and to meet the customer’s requirements in full.

Skantek provides reliable after-sales service and supplies all the spare parts necessary to deal with critical situations.

Skantek listens to the customer, and then develops new improvements.

Skantek makes it profitable for the customer to invest in new drying equipment.

This is Skantek

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Knudstrupvej 28 - DK 8870 Langaa
Mobile phone 0045 - 20238404
Tel. +45 86 46 84 04 - Fax +45 86 46 84 38