The grain moves as a massive column, down through the drier.
No mechanical devices in the drying or cooling sectors.
The grain stream is metered out through 4-bladed rollers, extending the full width of the drier. These govern the flow-rate - and mereby the drying rate.
The close spacing of the rollers (400mm), ensures an even discharge.
The constantly moving kernel
The rows of horizontal air channels split the grain column into vertical streams giving two advantages:
1. Back pressure is lower in a moving grain stream. This increases the air rate and thus the drying effect - from a given size of fan.
2. The constant movement of the kernel within the stream eliminates the risk of overheating or overdrying.

One Pass - and Finished!   A continuous flow - from field - via dryer - to final storage!



Gentle and Safe Drying  ( Example )


nieter too warm... 15--27--40
Even with
drying air
at 80
C the
grain never
exceeds a
of 40

Safe drying
means healthy

increases to
a maximum of
and is cooled
down again
to 10
C over
nor too wet... 15%----17%----19%
Most of the
moisture is
removed while
in the upper
part of drying

Even the
cooling sector
will give a 1%



Recommended drying airtemp. for seed corn - degree C.

Corn moisture after drying -
% H2O

Corn moisture before drying - % H2O
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
18           68 66 64 62 60
17         70 67 65 63 61 59
16       72 69 66 64 62 60 58
15     74 71 68 65 63 61 59  
14   75 72 70 67 64 62 60    
13 76 73 70 69 66 63 61      
12 73 71 69 67 65 62        



Description of SKANTEK - Continuous flow dryers


SKANTEK Continuos flow dryers are suitable for drying all kinds of granular products as cereals, maize, paddi, rapeseed, peas etc.

During the drying process the drying air is blown through the graing by fans.
The main hot-air chanel divides the drying air over the individual triangle air chanels. other triangle chanels collect the used air and guide it to the fans.
In between the air has passed through the grain and is absorbing the evaporated water from the grain.

The lower part of the dryer consists of coolingsections. Ambient air is blown through the grain to cool the grain.



The lowest section of the dryer is the discharge section with hopper.
With this discharge mechanism the capacity is adjusted by the outgoing moisture content of the grain.
The discharge has a gearmotor with variable speed, to be adjusted by hand.
The special construction guarantees an even flow over the full width of the dryer, so all the grain has the same staying time in the dryer, which is most important for a homogeneous drying effect.



Discharge springs

Discharge drive

The product is blocked and divided by little roofs on top of the discharge section. When operating the discharge the product will be conveyed by the flaps on the rollers on the bottom valves. The product drops into the outlet hopper from where it can be conveyed.

The bottom valves are fied with springs. This construction allows strange parts to pass without damaging the discharge system. When changing the product the springs can easily be loosened by a handle, the valves will take a vertical position and clean themselves.

One side of the discharge section are inspection hatches, closed with rubber covers.
With this straw etc. can be removed.
These hatches shall only be opened when the dryer is empty and the discharge out of operation.

SKANTEK - automatic controll.

In praxis the moisture content of the grain is far from constant. To achieve constant drying results, dryers can be equipped with a Skantek-controll system, which controls the discharge capacity.
Skantek-controll system

Operation description.

Mechanical level control


During drying with a certain hot air temperature there is a relation between the moisture content of the grain and the relative moisture content of the drying air after drying. A high moisture content of the grain means a low hot air temperature.
The discharge is driven by a two-step gearmotor. The Skantek-controll system is connected with a temperature sensor in the lower part of the drying sections. This sensor measures the grain temperature after drying as well as the hot air temperature and effects a optium change of the discharge speed.

Description of Skantek cirkulation dryer type 0605 with bucketelevator

The cirkulation dryer is cunstructed like the continuous flow dryer except:

- Separate cooling ssection is left out.
- Buffersection is enlarged to contain 45% of the dryer total content. ( 19M3 )
- Folding bucketelevator for gentle transportation of products.

These modification encure a dryer, there is very suitable of gentle drying of products with a very high moisture content and at the same time keep a high drying capacity.

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